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Luigi Bundone luigibundone at tiscali.it
Sun Feb 11 23:43:08 PST 2018


Dear Marmamers,

 we would kindly like to announce the 6th Workshop
on "Communicating marine mammal science to the general public" focused
 "Plastic litter and marine mammals: how communication can properly
address the issue" 


 	* share information on the topic related
to education
 	* exchange and develop applicable protocols to address
 	* foster general networking with all stakeholders
support ECS to address educational questions

Anticipated outcome: 

protocol related to objectives and strategies of communication
recommendations to prioritise activities for the prevention or
mitigation of plastic pollution in the marine environment
 	* provide
useful tools and instruments to address the issue


In this
sixth successive workshop in the area of communication we want to
continue to share educational and outreaching experiences of
communicating marine mammal science to the general public. These
experiences can be educational programs that support school or
university curricula, pedagogical outreach materials such as books,
videos, kits, activities and exhibitions. 

This year's workshop will
address the growing problem of plastic litter (macro and micro plastic)
in the marine environment representing a great threat to marine mammals
and some approaches to communicate the problem and address solutions.

The workshop will be divided in two parts. In the morning session
several invited speakers will shed light on the following aspects of the

 	* general introduction of the subject including related
aspects (chemical pollution in conjunction with micro and macro
plastics), sources of information, educational tools and communication
 	* case study examples based on actual research in the field
(sensitization campaign, citizen science)
 	* case studies of addressing
the issue effectively, involving marine and coastal stakeholders (in
particular fishermen)

The afternoon session will focus on a general
discussion in the plenum and/ or working groups that will be formed at
the end of the morning session. The second session will depend very much
on the input of the participants in sharing their experiences as well as
addressing challenges they are currently facing. A draft of a protocol
related to objectives and strategies of communication will be presented
and discussed. A more detailed programme e.g. with abstracts will soon
be published and send to you on request. 

If you have any questions or
would like to register for the workshop please write to: 

Volker Smit
(smit at m-e-e-r.de [1]) or 

Dr. Luigi Bundone (luigibundone at tiscali.it

Kind regards 

Dr. Luigi Elio Alessandro
Archipelagos-ambiente e sviluppo, Italia
Calle Asiago 4
30132 Venezia

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