[MARMAM] Sea Otter Educational Video

Sean Bogle sean at wildlensinc.org
Fri Feb 9 05:13:59 PST 2018

Good day MARMAMers,

Wild Lens is a non-profit conservation media organization.  Our mission is to build conservation minded communities and produce content documenting the efforts of researchers, citizens scientists, and other organizations focused on the conservation of our natural world.

We are excited to announce the release of our first animated music video focused on sea otter awareness. This fun video is to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, especially young generations.  We are always experimenting on ways to create impacting conservation messaging. Your feedback is extremely valuable so we would love to hear your thoughts on this video and any other projects that we are involved in. If any of you are in need of creating conservation outreach materials in a creative way please do not hesitate to contact us. Now enjoy the video!

Link to the sea otter video: http://wildlensinc.org/eoc-single/sea-otter-savvy-music-video/ <http://wildlensinc.org/eoc-single/sea-otter-savvy-music-video/> 

For more information about Wild Lens visit: http://wildlensinc.org <http://wildlensinc.org/>

Contact: Sean Bogle, Eyes on Conservation Project Director Email: sean at wildlensinc.org <mailto:sean at wildlensinc.org>


My apologies, but please use this posting as I added our website to it. Thank you.



 Sean Bogle, Project Director
 Eyes on Conservation
 Wild Lens, Inc. 
 Cell: 435.790.9593
 Office:208.297.6536 ext.502

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