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Dear colleagues, greetings from Latin America

On behalf of all co-authors, I am pleased to announce the following
publication on spatial ecology of inshore and offshore bottlenose
dolphin (*Tursiops
truncatus*) populations in western Costa Rica:

Oviedo, L., Fernández, M., Pacheco-Polanco, JD. And D. Herra-Miranda. 2019.
Spatial Analysis on The Occurrence of Inshore and Offshore Bottlenose
Dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus*) in Osa Peninsula Waters and Golfo Dulce,
Costa Rica. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management


The aim of this assessment is to advance our understanding in the spatial
ecology of the resident in-shore and off-shore population of bottlenose
dolphins in Golfo Dulce (GD) and Osa Peninsula Waters (OPW). Our approach
used niche based models (Phillips et al., 2006, Thorne et al., 2012,
Friedlaender et al., 2011), which provided details of how dolphins use
coastal and oceanic habitats, describing the factors that influence their
distribution in the study area and identifying the critical habitats to be
considered for management and conservation. Our analyses indicate several
important aspects on the distribution of these two ecotypes of bottlenose
dolphins. As expected in the study area, these two ecological races occur
in close proximity, but differ in the structural factors of the habitat
they occupy. The inshore population uses areas close to the mouths of the
rivers as critical foraging habitats, being influenced by tidal cycles and
seasonal changes in water temperature and salinity. The offshore population
in oceanic habitats must rely on prey species found in rare, but profitable
patches, therefore, pelagic dolphins in the open ocean would often need to
travel long distances searching for these patches. Distribution models
illustrating the difference in habitat use presented in this assessment are
key to effective managements of the marine mammals’ diversity in Costa Rica.


For info about publication feel free to contact me


Lenin Oviedo

*Centro de Investigaciòn de Cetáceos CEIC-Costa Rica*
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