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Dear colleagues

Jim and I are very pleased to announce a new paper - reporting the first
stranding of *Caperea* in the Northern Hemisphere - from the coast of The
Gambia, Africa.

Tsai C.-H. and Mead J.G. 2018. Crossing the equator: a northern occurrence
of the pygmy right whale. *Zoological Letters *4:30


Here we document the first stranding record of the pygmy right whale in the
Northern Hemisphere—on the coast of The Gambia, Africa (NE Atlantic Ocean,
around latitude 13° N)—a location in stark contrast to its current
distribution exclusively south of the equator. The original specimen is now
missing and untraceable, but a photo found in the files of the Marine
Mammal Program, Smithsonian Institution shows sufficient diagnostic
features that allow it to be taxonomically identified as the pygmy right
whale, *Caperea marginata*, including: small body size; streamlined overall
body shape; generally dark skin coloration; arched rostrum along the
lateral margin; triangular and narrow rostrum in dorsal view; lack of head
callosities; some fringes on the dorsal surface of the tongue; small and
relatively posteriorly positioned dorsal fin; and small and dark-colored
flipper. On the whole, a stranding of the pygmy right whale in the Northern
Hemisphere, although likely to be a chance event, calls for more detailed
studies of how climate change and ocean currents affect the evolution and
distribution (re-patterning) of marine mammals and, ultimately, the entire
marine ecosystem.

The paper could be freely available:


Alternatively, if the link does not work, please just email me for a pdf

whaletsai at ntu.edu.tw or craniata at gmail.com

Regards and all the best,
蔡政修(Cheng-Hsiu Tsai  さい まさのぶ)
Lab of evolution and diversity of fossil vertebrates(古脊椎動物演化及多樣性實驗室)
Department of Life Science, National Taiwan University(台灣大學生命科學系)
No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, 106-17, Taiwan(台灣 106-17 台北市羅斯福路 4 段
1 號)
Email: whaletsai at ntu.edu.tw; craniata at gmail.com; cheng-hsiu.tsai at otago.ac.nz
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