[MARMAM] Marine mammal technician position at Stony Brook University

Lesley Thorne lesley.thorne at stonybrook.edu
Fri Dec 14 08:10:55 PST 2018

We are seeking an Instructional Support Technician to lead marine mammal line
transect and photo-ID surveys in the New York Bight.

Brief Description of Duties:

The SoMAS Instructional Support Technician provides scientific support
for offshore
monitoring surveys and research cruises in the New York Bight. Duties will

- Leading line transect surveys for marine mammals in offshore waters of
the New York Bight.

- Performing statistical analyses on gathered data and samples, ensuring
quality quality control of processes and materials used.

- Working with a transdisciplinary team of ecologists and physical and
chemical oceanographers during field work and analysis.

- Project planning and participation in field research programs and
oceanographic cruises, including sample collection, setting up equipment
and materials.

- Organizing and analyzing data related to marine mammal abundance and
distribution from research cruises.

- Preparing progress and final reports for funded activities.

- Presenting research results and programmatic results for sponsors, the
public, at conferences and to the NYSDEC.

- Other duties or projects as assigned as appropriate to rank and
departmental mission.

Required Qualifications (evidenced by an attached resume):

Bachelor’s Degree in biology, ecology, oceanography, fisheries science or a
related field. Two (2) years of full-time experience conducting marine
mammal surveys or research. Experience conducting line transect surveys.
Marine mammal identification skills. Experience surveying marine mammals.
Marine mammal photo-ID experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's of Science in biology, ecology, oceanography, fisheries science or
a related field. Boat operating experience. Experience creating and working
with databases. Experience working with ArcGIS. Experience writing formal
reports and/or publications.

For further information or to apply for this position online, please visit
Stony Brook Jobs and reference positing 1803867 (link below). Contact Dr.
Lesley Thorne (lesley.thorne at stonybrook.edu) with any questions.


Lesley Thorne, Assistant Professor
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University,  Stony Brook, NY 11794-5000
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