[MARMAM] Video Archive: 2018 Webinar Series on Underwater Acoustics for the International Regulatory Community

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The Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) <http://www.dosits.org/> Team is pleased to announce that video recordings for all webinars from the 2018 webinar series on underwater acoustics for the international regulatory community are now available online <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/>. Webinar topics included foundational science on sound reception and potential effects in marine mammals and fishes and was comprised of the following presentations:

Dr. Darlene Ketten, Sound Reception in Marine Mammals
Dr. Brandon Southall, Potential Effects of Sound on Marine Mammals
Dr. Craig Radford, Sound Production and Reception in Teleost Fishes
Dr. Arthur Popper, Potential Effects of Sound on Marine Fishes

The 2018 Webinar Series Archive can be found here: https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/.  In addition to the video recordings, outlines for each webinar with links to background content on DOSITS are also available. Associated webinar recordings and their resources from the 2015 and 2016 webinar series have been archived here <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinar-archive-2015-16/>.

A 2019 webinar series on underwater sound sources is currently being planned. These webinars will provide overviews of various anthropogenic sound sources and review existing and upcoming noise attenuation measures, their effectiveness, and logistical issues. Further details and webinar dates will be announced after January 2019.

Questions?  Please contact Holly Morin (holly_morin at uri.edu <mailto:holly_morin at uri.edu>).


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