[MARMAM] Marine mammalogy diversity survey

Eric Archer, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Co-Chair diversity at marinemammalscience.org
Sun Dec 2 10:50:18 PST 2018

The Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) has recently created an ad hoc
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
<https://www.marinemammalscience.org/about-us/committees/#diversity>. The
first step of the committee is to better understand the demographic
composition of the field of marine mammalogy and to solicit ideas for ways
that SMM can help make a more diverse and inclusive community.

This survey <https://goo.gl/forms/r5CDawNEAE0i5cew2> is completely
anonymous and no personal information is collected or retained. The results
will be used to inform the SMM as it moves forward in creating a more
inclusive and diverse society. It should take less than three minutes to
complete the 18 questions. Even if you are not currently a member of SMM,
please feel free to fill out the survey
<https://goo.gl/forms/r5CDawNEAE0i5cew2>. Our intent is to obtain as
comprehensive a view of the field as possible.

The survey will close on December 16, 2018.

Thank you for your participation!
Eric Archer and Tara Cox
Co-Chairs, Ad hoc Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Society for Marine Mammalogy
diversity at marinemammalscience.org
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