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Dear MARMAM members,


As co-editors and on behalf of all the authors, I would like to share with
you the publication of the book:


"Marine Mammal Ecotoxicology: Impacts of multiple stressors on population
health" by Elsevier/Academic Press
y ), ISBN: 978-0-12-812144-3, https://doi.org/10.1016/C2016-0-03201-1 .



Marine Mammal Ecotoxicology: Impacts of Multiple Stressors on Population
Healthprovides tactics on how to develop a comprehensive methodology for the
study of existing threats to marine mammals. By presenting a
conservation-biology approach and new and emerging technologies, this work
helps provide crucial knowledge on the status of marine mammal populations
that not only helps readers understand the ecosystem's health, but also
instigate mitigation measures. This volume provides information that helps
investigators unravel the relationships between exposure to environmental
stressors (e.g., climate change, pollutants, marine litter, pathogens and
biotoxins) and a range of endpoints in marine mammal species.

The application of robust examination procedures and biochemical,
immunological, and molecular techniques, combined with pathological
examination and feeding ecology, has led to the development of health
assessment methods at the individual and population levels in wild marine


Key Features:

*	Provides a comprehensive, worldwide update and state of knowledge on
current research and topics on marine mammal ecotoxicology
*	Includes coverage of both new and emerging technologies
*	Features a multidisciplinary approach that gives readers a broad,
updated overview of the threats facing marine mammals and related
conservation measures


Thank you for your interest on the book!


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