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Sea Search Research and Conservation is offering the opportunity for
interested students and young researchers to join our projects to get real
work experience working with an active research group on our projects in
Southern Africa.

 The internships are research focused with an emphasis on learning (and
using) field skills used in cetacean research such as photo-ID, acoustic
and behavioural data collection, strandings response as well as data
management and team work. There is also a component of outreach work in all
projects. Interns will work closely with the project leaders Dr Tess
Gridley and Dr Simon Elwen. We are open to students using data collected
during internships for student projects.

Three type of opportunity are available at different times of year.

1) Long-term volunteer at Sea Search offices - Cape Town, South Africa - 2
month minimum - Oct 2018 to May 2019 - mix of office/analytical/data
processing/outreach and field work.  Field work covering multiple species ,
with a special focus on feeding humpback whales on the west coast over
autumn and summer.

2) Long-term volunteer at the Namibian Dolphin Project office in Walvis Bay
Namibia - 2 month minimum - Oct 2018 to May 2019 -  - mix of
office/outreach and field work. Research focuses on bottlenose and
Heaviside's dolphins, strandings response, outreach with schools, data
collection from tour boats and assisting with ~2-4  boat surveys /month

3) Field intensive training internships at the Namibian Dolphin Project  in
Walvis Bay Namibia - 1 month minimum - Oct 2018 to May 2019. Interns will
assist the research team during our main field work period with daily field
work on a range of topics. There is a strong field skills training
component during this time.

There is a cost associated with each internship to help cover training,
accommodation etc.

PLEASE CONTACT *info at seasearch.co.za <info at seasearch.co.za> for FURTHER
DETAILS. *Please include your CV, availability and a brief motivation of
the interests

More information can be found on the Namibian Dolphin Project (Namibia) and
our umbrella organisation Sea Search Research and Conservation (South
Africa) by following these links (www.namibiandolphinproject.org,

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Simon Elwen Ph.D. NRF Research Fellow at the Mammal Research Institute,
University of Pretoria

Based at Sea Search Africa - 4 Bath Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Phone: +27 21 788 1206 (Office SA),      +27 71 139 5951 (Mob SA)

www.seasearch.co.za &  www.namibiandolphinproject.org

The first *African Bioacoustics Community conference will be held in Cape
Town on the **3rd-7th December 2018*.

Our aim is to provide a forum within which people working on all aspects of
bio-acoustic research can network and communicate.


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