[MARMAM] African Bioacoustics Community conference. Last chance to submit an abstracts before 24 August.

Simon Elwen simon.elwen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 02:36:21 PDT 2018

Due to high demand, we have had to extend the abstract submission deadline
to allow for last minute applications. Final deadline is now 24 August 2018.

This cross-cutting conference is the first of it's kind in Africa and will
promote BIOACOUSTIC  research currently taking place on the African
continent, highlight areas for development, and provide a forum to explore
future collaboration among African and International researchers.

Please see website and facebook pages for full conference details:


Of special interest to Marine Mammal researchers are PLENARY SPEAKERS:

Prof Christine Erbe - The Marine Soundscape and The Effects of Noise on
Marine Life

Dr Sal Cerchio - The age of discovery in the 21st Century: Using passive
acoustics to discover whale populations off the coasts of Africa
Prof. Paul Cowley
Prof. Paul Cowley - Trials, tribulations, successes and opportunities of
establishing a national network of acoustic receivers

Dr. Isabelle Charrier - Recognition Systems and Social Structures in


1) Panel discussion  evening:  Underwater Noise and Marine Life - Impacts,
Policy, Where to next?

2) Science Communication Networking Event: Communicating about
Communication (and other bioacoustic research) - mingling researchers with
media and film makers

3) Workshop: Ecoacoustics in a nutshell (1 day) - by Prof. Jérôme Sueur

We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town, South Africa this December.
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