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 Hi all,

On behalf of my co-authors I would like to draw your attention to our
pre-publication available here:

Ronje E.I., H.Whitehead, and K.D. Mullin. 2018.  The 1990 Common Bottlenose
Dolphin (*Tursiops truncatus*) Mass Die-Off in East Matagorda Bay, Texas:
New Insight into a Cold Case.  *Southeastern Naturalist*, 17(3):411-422.

Abstract - On 20 January 1990, twenty-three *Tursiops truncatus* (Common
Dolphin) carcasses were found scattered around the interior shoreline of
East Matagorda
Bay, TX. Few accounts exist to document the presence of live or dead Common
Dolphins inside the boundaries of East Matagorda Bay before or after the
die-off. We conducted
a review of areal data for East Matagorda Bay and the original
investigation of the
January 1990 mass die-off. Information we examined included the history of
natural and
anthropogenic changes to the area, dolphin stranding records, small-boat
visual surveys,
and dolphin dorsal-fin photographic identification. Natural events
preceding the discovery
of the dolphin carcasses were likely factors in the mortalities; however,
the timing of engineering
projects that modified access points between the bay and the Gulf of Mexico
be an additional factor that contributed to the cause of this unusual
mortality event.

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