[MARMAM] New publication: A literature review examining the impacts of tourism on marine mammals

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Dear MARMAM colleagues,

My co-authors and I are pleased to announce the publication of our
literature review entitled,

'An updated literature review examining the impacts of tourism on marine
mammals over the last fifteen years (2000-2015) to inform research and
management programs.'

In 2000, Samuels et al. provided a comprehensive review of the scientific
literature available at the time, which included 107 references related to
the effects “swim-with dolphin” tours have on animals’ health and behavior.
Over the last fifteen years, opportunities to view marine mammals in the
wild have increased through commercial and private vessel-based platforms,
in water “swim-with” activities, and land-based observation stations.
Additionally, “structured” provisioning programs and illegal feeding
interactions with a number of marine mammal species have increased. This
current literature review updates and builds upon Samuels et al. 2000, by
including almost 190 new references from 2000-2015 pertaining to swim-with
activities, as well as vessel, land-based, and feeding interactions. The
scope has also been expanded to include additional species of cetaceans,
pinnipeds, and sirenians. Our updated review highlights the major animal
responses to viewing activities in four major themes: (1) behavior, (2)
habitat use, (3) health, and (4) reproduction. Reoccurring responses
documented in all four interaction themes include changes in animals’
behavioral budgets and ranging patterns, habitat displacement, avoidance
behaviors, and reduced maternal care. Many studies highlighted the risks
and effects associated with interactions, such as increased energetic
demands, predation, acoustic disturbance, reduced juvenile survivorship,
boat collision, and entanglement injuries. This updated literature review
provides a comprehensive analysis of human-marine mammal interactions to
date that can help guide future potential research projects and management

Machernis, Abigail, J.R. Powell, L.K. Engleby, and T.R. Spradlin, 2018. An
Updated Literature Review Examining the Impacts of Tourism on Marine
Mammals over the Last Fifteen Years (2000-2015) to Inform Research and
Management Programs. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA. NOAA Technical
Memorandum NMFS-SER-7:66 p.

The full article is available online at: https://repository.

All the best,

Abigail Machernis

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