[MARMAM] Still time to register for tomorrow's webinar on the potential effects of sound on marine mammals

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Mon Apr 30 10:12:41 PDT 2018

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TOMORROW, May 1, 2018, at 12:00pm ET,  Dr. Brandon Southall will provide a review of the potential effects of sound on marine mammals <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/potential-effects-mammals2018/> (https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/potential-effects-mammals2018/ <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/potential-effects-mammals2018/>). 

There is still still time to register for this FREE underwater acoustics webinar, which is part of a Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) four-part webinar series. The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes and be comprised of one, focused presentation, followed by an extended period of facilitated discussion.

Interested individuals must register in advance for each webinar. 
To register please visit: http://eepurl.com/do0eqH

An outline for this webinar with links to background content on DOSITS is available. Participants are encouraged to review this outline prior to the webinar. 

To learn more about this webinar series or other upcoming webinar dates and speakers, please visit the DOSITS webpage, Webinar Series for Regulators of Underwater Sound (https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/ <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/>).  An archive of Dr. Darlene Ketten’s webinar on marine mammal sound reception and production will be available shortly (https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/sound-reception-mammals2018/ <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/sound-reception-mammals2018/>).  Associated webinars and their resources were conducted in 2015 and 2016 webinars and have been archived here (https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinar-archive-2015-16/ <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinar-archive-2015-16/>). 
Questions?  Please contact Holly Morin at holly_morin at uri.edu.

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