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Hawaii Marine Animal Response (HMAR) is the field operations arm of Hawaii Marine Mammal Alliance Inc. and is Hawaii’s largest non-profit marine species conservation and response organization.  We cover approximately 300 miles of coastline on the islands of Oahu and Molokai with our team of volunteers, interns and staff. We are a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation and stewardship of Hawaii’s protected marine species. HMAR is supported by private donations, corporate support and government grants. Our work is focused on the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, endangered and threatened sea turtles and protected cetacean species.  Under partnerships with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the State of Hawaii, HMAR provides important species preservation, conservation and recovery support in important ways.


- Our Field Response Teams spends thousands of hours annually patrolling for animals, or responding to specific sightings, so we may document the condition of specific animals, identify potential health issues, track locations of individual animals and record other data needed for species population and recovery research. Our actions save protected marine animals from deaths and injuries caused by disease, hookings, entanglement in marine debris and potentially dangerous or inappropriate interaction with humans and pets. We are involved in animal intervention activity, stranding support and marine animal rescue to enable medical treatment, rehabilitation and release. We engage with the public to teach sustainable human and fishery behaviors resulting in improved public stewardship for these animals to support long-term species recovery.


- Our Outreach and Education Team works with Hawaii’s public and private schools to educate children about Hawaii’s protected marine species and to teach each child how they can help with marine animal conservation and stewardship. We also participate in community events, make educational presentations at public venues and assist in development of community policy to inform residents and visitors about Hawaii’s protected marine animals, the threats to species survival, and the actions we can all take to make an impact.


- Our Dispatch & Reporting Team manages telephone hotlines which each year receive thousands of calls and mobile app-generated reports from the public or government agencies of protected marine animals seen on shorelines or in near shore waters.  This department also records and shares data obtained by our Field Response Teams such as animal condition assessments, animal location information and animal behavior data, with NOAA to facilitate in-depth species research and population conservation and recovery efforts.




Hawaii Marine Animal Response (HMAR) has an immediate opening for a part-time Field Response Manager on the island of Oahu in the State of Hawaii. This job is a part-time position and is exempt from requirements to provide paid health care insurance.  The work schedule is 3 weekdays each week.  The position is responsible for the following duties:


- Patrol shorelines or off-shore islets for, or respond to, sightings of Hawaiian monk seals or reports of sea turtles in distress on land or in shallow waters.

- Locate, assess, identify and document Hawaiian monk seal and sea turtle activity to assist NOAA researchers in species recovery research and management.

- Assist with or perform animal intervention activity, marine animal rescue and stranding support.

- Engage with the public to educate people about protected marine species and to promote responsible viewing, interaction and sustainable fishery activities.

- Recruit, train and manage volunteers to ensure field response schedules and coverage needs are met.

- Identify public education, outreach and non-profit partnering opportunities.

- Develop relationships with law enforcement or other government personnel that can assist with marine animal response and management.

- Assist other staff with gaps in personnel coverage and on completing key projects.




- Possess excellent written and oral command of the English language

- Be a person with a professional and open personal demeanor that enjoys contact with the public, volunteers and fellow staff

- Possess effective personnel management skills

- Ability to thrive in a highly dynamic environment and the flexibility to navigate changing organizational needs

- Ability to maintain a calm demeanor in stressful conditions

- Possess a team-based work ethic and attitude

- Ability to work in a virtual environment often without direct supervision

- Have a passion for and an understanding of environmental, conservation or wildlife issues




- 21 years of age or older

- College degree or equivalent

- Willingness to commit to this position for a period of at least 2 years

- U.S. citizenship or relevant needed work permits and/or visas

- A least 1 year in prior supervisory positions or relevant experience

- Relevant work experience, preferably in marine animal management, conservation or environmental matters

- Valid driver’s license

- Ability to swim in open ocean conditions

- Experience with small boat operations and open ocean in-water environments (highly desired but not required)

- Full-time access to a reliable vehicle (candidates with full-time access to a truck will be given priority)

- Proof of insurance with Hawaii minimum liability coverage

- Access to a cellular phone with 4G data service

- Access to a digital camera (not a smartphone) with at least 35X zoom and Wi-Fi capabilities

- Access to binoculars with at least 10X magnification

- Access to a personal computer with Internet access

- Ability to walk at least 3 miles over shoreline conditions

- Ability to lift and carry at least 75 pounds over 100 feet

- Be available for emergency response anywhere on the Island of Oahu

- Physical abilities to support strenuous activities associated with restraint or transport of heavy marine animals in difficult shoreline terrain and challenging environmental conditions

- Pass background check




Please send a letter of interest and your resume for consideration to jon.gelman at h-mar.org no later than April 30, 2018.  The intent is for the successful candidate to begin work in this position no later than May 31, 2018.  Learn more about HMAR at our website http://h-mar.org.


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