[MARMAM] Join the Blue World Institute and discover wild bottlenose dolphins!

tihana vučur tihana.vucur at blue-world.org
Tue Apr 10 12:54:52 PDT 2018

Join the Blue World Institute and discover wild bottlenose dolphins!

Blue World Institute (BWI) is an NGO set up with the intention to carry out
scientific research and conservation of the marine environment as well as
educational activities, with the aim to secure the future of the Adriatic

One of the interests of the BWI is monitoring and conservation of wild
bottlenose dolphins. The monitoring program in the North Adriatic Sea is
running for more than 30 years. Each year during the summer season BWI
accepts eco-volunteers to help with the data collection on this endangered
species. By joining BWI you get to observe the local population of wild
bottlenose dolphins around the Cres-Lošinj archipelago. As an eco-volunteer
you will discover their social connections, how big their home ranges are.
You will be able to hear the sounds, which they produce while preforming
different behaviors. You will find out who are the mothers, which are the
dominant males and a lot more.

This year the program starts from 7th May and lasts until 21st September.
You can pick one of 10 stages, and join BWI for 2 weeks. It is important
that you know English, that you are above 18 years old and able to tolerate
hot weather and boat trips for several hours. If you are curious about this
eco-volunteering position, please visit BWI web page
https://www.blue-world.org/get-involved/eco-volunteer/ or send an e-mail on
 tihana.vucur at blue-world.org.
Kind regards,

Tihana Vučur

Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation

Kastel 24

Veli Lošinj


*tihana.vucur at blue-world.org <tihana.vucur at blue-world.org>*

mob. *+385 91 211 2226*

www.blue-world.o <http://www.blue-world.org/>
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