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*Marine Mammal Research Expedition*

*Eastern Mediterranean Sea from Rhodes to Antalya*

*Marine Mammals Research Association (www.dmad.org.tr
<http://www.dmad.org.tr>) *is offering you the unique opportunity to join
its Marine Wildlife Research Expedition with a prior cetacean workshop,
where you will be part of a *ground breaking research effort between 1th of
June and 20th of June 2018. The expedition aim to explore areas where there
is little known.* The expert team of researchers will be introducing you to
the wonder of marine mammals, their main threats and the possible ways to
contribute to protecting their vulnerable world. You will be given the
chance to experience unforgettable close encounters with these magnificent
creatures, and learn the essential role they play in our oceans. Moreover,
as an active part of our research team, you will join our scientific data
collection process through visual sightings, hydrophone and drone

The expedition covers the coastal and offshore waters of *Rhodes to Antalya
Bay*, while sailing on world class ocean going cruising yacht, Discovery
50. The tour will be started in *Rhodes, Greece *and followed to routes
*Turkey*. Overall the tour will take *10-15 days*.
Species to Encounter

On this trip we are likely to encounter a variety of marine mammals,
including the *common bottlenose dolphin* (*Tursiops truncatus*), *striped
dolphin* (*Stenella coeruleoalba*), *short-beaked common dolphin* (*Delphinus
delphis*), *Risso’s dolphin* (*Grampus griseus*), *sperm whale* (*Physeter
microcephalus*), *Cuvier’s beaked whale* (*Ziphius cavirostris*) and *fin
whale* (*Balaenoptera physalus*), in addition to the Mediterranean’s only
pinniped species, the endangered *Mediterranean monk seal* (*Monachus
The Skills You Will Learn;

·         Conducting visual and acoustic surveys

·         Collecting behavioural data for sighted species

·         Mapping the hotspots of marine mammals

·         Developing photo Identification catalogues

*One of the objectives of our expedition is to help create and inspire
independent researchers, equipped with experience in up-to-date research
The Training You Will Receive;

There will be a day of training before the survey route starts.
Additionally, each night we will organise a training on the below topics;

·         General biology and ecology of marine megafauna of the
Mediterranean Sea

·         Species identification

·         Photo identification techniques

·         Mapping techniques

·         Behavioural sampling

·         Acoustic sampling

Additionally, we will be equipped with drone, a hydrophone. We will use
this equipment when possible during our cetacean sightings, and you will
have the opportunity to learn more about them and hopefully a chance to use
them yourself!

The workshop

The workshop will be conducted between the 1th and 2nd of June 2018, with
topics covering photo-identification, behavioural sampling and Passive
Acoustic Monitoring from the field experts.
The cost

As we are a non-profit organisation with limited financial resources there
is a monitory fee attached to this journey. The cost per person is €1000
per person based on a shared cabin.
This cost includes:

·         Full survey and equipment training

·         Use of research equipment

·         All food, drink and accommodation on board for the duration of
your stay

·         All safety equipment

·         All cruising and sailing vignettes (cruising permits) for Greece
and Turkey.

·         Yacht insurance including public liability coverage
What is not included?

·         Flights to and from start and end location

·         Travel insurance (Mandatory, please provide proof)

·         Food off board

·         WiFi (There may be WIFI on board occasionally through a booster,
however WIFI and phone service cannot be guaranteed on route)
Who are we looking for??

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate team members with the
willingness to learn, as well as motivated students and researchers who
wish to collect data for their university projects.

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