[MARMAM] Discover the Singing Whales of Ireland

Stephanie Barnicoat s.barnicoat at seiche.com
Tue Apr 3 01:38:46 PDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,
Seiche Training are carrying out a research Trip @Discover the Singing whales of Ireland'. The aim of this survey is to obtain data on marine mammal acoustics along the inshore waters of South West Ireland. The field trips will be conducted on a dedicated research vessel whist the theory and data analysis will be conducted in a research house. This research trip is open to anyone who has a love for marine wildlife and a thirst for adventure. Whether you are a student, graduate or wildlife enthusiast, all are welcome!
You will be trained to:
Deploy hydrophones for passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals, Identify and record marine mammal acoustics, conduct on-board surveys of marine mammal species occurrence, photograph marine wildlife, Sea weed and Shore survey for Coast watch.
Data analysis is important to the success of any project. You will be entering data into a specially designed database from Ireland's National Biodiversity Data Centre, as well as preliminary data interpretation
Taking a short break from the survey work we will explore Cape Clear Island. With its remote location coupled with its proximity to the continental shelf, makes it the foremost centre for bird watching in Ireland. Whales, leatherback turtles, sun fish, dolphins and sharks are spotted regularly making it an ideal location to relax and observe Irelands wildlife at its best.
All team members and participants share accommodation, house tasks, knowledge and experience in an environmental friendly and multicultural environment.
The trip is from 15-22 June. For more information email info at seichetraining.com

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