[MARMAM] Getting to the Bottom of Bycatch Workshop in Halifax

Ellen M Hines ehines at sfsu.edu
Sat Sep 30 16:17:18 PDT 2017

There is still room in the following workshop:

On Sunday afternoon, from 1300-1700 is : Getting to the bottom of bycatch: a toolbox for place-based risk assessment of marine mammal bycatch

Marine mammal bycatch, a major threat, poses particular challenges in developing countries. Data to document bycatch and the effects of bycatch are often lacking as research takes limited time, money, and training. We have designed a suite of spatial tools that enable scientists to conduct place-based bycatch risk assessments that can be used in sites with varying gaps in data. The tools are hosted on a website and have open-source processing.  We will demonstrate and train delegates to use the toolbox with existing data from our fieldsites in Southeast Asia. We will also ask delegates to come with a summary of their current abundance, distribution and fisheries data. Then in mixed groups, we will determine data gaps, needs, and commonalities, such as needs for training, outside consultants, regional workshops, funding or technology. We will also evaluate each site using interdisciplinary methods as found in Teh et al (2015) to determine how socio-cultural and economic dynamics contribute to bycatch. Our output will be a joint article that will summarize our discussions as a first global view of how these methods will support practitioners to estimate marine mammal population abundance, bycatch, fisheries and find effective measures to reduce bycatch to sustainable levels.

Teh, SLL, Teh, CLL, Hines, E., Junchumpoo, C., and R. Lewison.  2015. Contextualizing the coupled socio-ecological conditions of marine megafauna bycatch.  Ocean and Coastal Management 116: 449-465.

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