[MARMAM] Reminder: SMM Workshop - Science Communication Marketing & Filmmaking (Wiebke Finkler)

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Fri Sep 15 22:13:50 PDT 2017

Reminder: Please join us for the Science Communication Marketing & Filmmaking Workshop on Saturday the 28th of October from 8am-5pm (full day).

Workshop activities include: 1. Introduction to relevant science communication and social marketing 2. Development of strategic science communication plan. 3. Filmmaking: Introduction to storytelling/filming/editing techniques. 4. Hands-on: Participants practice with own devices (phone/camera/tablet) to gain understanding of filmmaking techniques and/or discuss and develop individual marine mammal based science communication project strategies and content ideas aimed at for example blogs, e-books, websites and other social media. Ideally participants come to the workshop with a real-world marine mammal related outreach project idea, and the workshop will help provide a practical step-by-step process, proposal and execution strategies (note: bring own tablet, phone or camera if available). Please note that examples will be demonstrated using Apple devices such as iPad and iPhones.

Register through the conference website http://www.smmconference.org/WorkshopDescriptions <http://www.smmconference.org/WorkshopDescriptions>

Any questions please contact wiebke.finkler at otago.ac.nz  www.naturesvoices.com

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