[MARMAM] New paper on fossil baleen whale from Peru

Felix Marx felix.marx at monash.edu
Wed Sep 13 01:06:09 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

please find below the abstract and link to our recently published, open
access paper on a new fossil baleen whale from Peru, and its implications
for the origin of cetotheriids:

Marx F.G., Lambert O., de Muizon C. 2017 A new Miocene baleen whale from
Peru deciphers the dawn of cetotheriids. R Soc Open Sci 4, 170560.

Link: http://rsos.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/4/9/170560

Abstract: Cetotheriidae are an iconic, nearly extinct family of baleen whales
(Mysticeti) with a highly distinct cranial morphology. Their origins remain
a mystery, with even the most archaic species showing a variety of
characteristic features. Here, we describe a new species of archaic
cetotheriid, Tiucetus rosae, from the Miocene of Peru. The new material
represents the first mysticete fromthe poorly explored lowest portion of
the highly fossiliferous Pisco Formation (allomember P0), and appears to form
part of a more archaic assemblage than observed at the well-known
localities of Cerro Colorado, Cerro los Quesos, Sud-Sacaco and Aguada de
Lomas. Tiucetus resembles basal plicogulans (crown Mysticeti excluding
right whales), such as Diorocetus and Parietobalaena, but shares with
cetotheriids a distinct morphology of the auditory region, including
the presence
of an enlarged paroccipital concavity. The distinctive morphology of
Tiucetus firmly places Cetotheriidae in the context of the poorly
understood ‘cetotheres’ sensu lato,and helps to resolve basal relationships
within crown Mysticeti.

Kind regards,

Felix Marx

*Felix G. Marx* PhD
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*Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium
*Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
*Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

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