[MARMAM] New Publication on Amazon River Dolphins and Dam impacts

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Tue Sep 12 07:11:04 PDT 2017

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce to you our new publication in Aquatic Mammals 

*Pivari, D.; Pacca, H. M. & Sebrian, T. 2017. Occurrence of 
Boto-do-Araguaia (**/Inia araguaiaensis/**) in a  Region of the Araguaia 
River, Brazil, Documented for an Environmental Impact Study for a 
Hydroelectric Dam. Aquatic Mammals 2017, 43(5), 530-536.*


This study was part of a environmental impact studies carried out in 
2009 related to a dam to be built in the Araguaia River, Brazil. Was 
verified the presence of Boto-do-Araguaia, /Inia araguaiaensis/ and 
estimate its preference in use of habitats in the dam´s area of 
influence. The methodology used was the active search of the Botos. 183h 
of sampling efforts were done during the different hydrological seasons 
of the river. A total of 119 Botos were spoted in 42 sites of the 
Araguaia river. 60% of them were seen in more preserved areas with some 
human action. There was a greater number of Botos spoted during seasons 
of rising and high (n = 87) compared to the falling and low season (n = 
29) (QQ = 116, p <0.0001). The ratio of Botos in flooded forest and 
river-bed changes on the rising / high and falling / low seasons. In the 
falling / low, 66% of Botos were found in the river-bed and backwater 
regions (QQ = 16.5, p <0.0001). In the rising / high season, they were 
often associated with flooded forest due to the demand for food 
resources (64%) (QQ = 8.10, p = 0.0071). The foraging behavior was the 
most observed category in rising (100%), low (100%) and falling (77%) 
seasons, whereas the traveling behavior was predominant in the high 
season (63%). /I.//araguaiaensis/is a recentlydiscovered species (2014). 
It is known that this population is isolated in the basins of Tocantins 
and Araguaia rivers and is threatened due to habitat loss by the intense 
human occupation of the region.

This paper is available at:http://ecotonus.com.br/site/43-5_Pivari-1.pdf

Or can be requested at: daniela at ecotonus.com.br 
<mailto:daniela at ecotonus.com.br>


Daniela Pivari
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