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¡VIVAVaquita! (a non-profitorganization) has many marine mammal books, reprints, monographs, and journalsthat are available for a donation to the organiation.  All funds raised will be actively used forresearch and conservation work on the vaquita (Phocoena sinus), the world’s most endangered marine mammal species. The global population of this species nownumbers less than 25 individuals and is decling at about 50%/year. Visit ourwebsite at www.vivavaquita.org for more details.  Below is a sample of some of the rarer itemswe have, but there are hundreds and ‘prices’ range from $1-165.  For a full list of books available, or if youhave any marine mammal literature you would be interested in donating to us,please contact Tom Jefferson at  sclymene at aol.com. HC=harcover, PB=paperback.
Andrews, R.C. 1914. Monographs of the Pacific Cetacea.I.-The California gray whale (Rhachiantectesglaucus Cope). Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History.1:229-287.  $75.
Andrews, R.C. 1916  (1925).Whale Hunting With Gun and Camera. D. Appleton and Co., New York (SecondEdition). 333 pp.  $65.
Gaskin, D.E. 1972 Whales, Dolphins, and Seals, With SpecialReference to the New Zealand Region, Heineman Educational Books. $15.
Horwood, J. 1987. The Sei Whale: Population Biology,Ecology, and Management. Croom Helm. 375 pp. $32.
Jefferson, T.A., Leatherwood, S. & Webber, M.A. 1993Marine Mammals of the World: FAO Species Identification Guide, United NationEnvironment Programme and Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN.  $50.
Jones, M.L., S.L. Swartz, and S. Leatherwood. 1984. The GrayWhale Eschrichtius robustus. AcademicPress. 600 pp.  $45.
Morzer Bruyns, W.F.J. 1971 Field Guide of Whales andDolphins, Uitgeverij Tor. $12.
Norris, K.S., Würsig, B., Wells, R.S. & Wursig, M. 1994The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin, University of California Press.  $20.
Payne, R. 1983. Communication and Behavior of Whales. InAAAS Selected Symposium. Vol. 76. Westview Press, Inc,, Boulder, Co. 643 pp.  $21.
Perrin, W.F. 1975 Variation and taxonomy of spotted andspinner porpoise (genus Stenella) inthe eastern tropical Pacific and Hawaii. Bulletin of the Scripps Institution ofOceanography, 21, 206 pp.  $10.
Ridgway, S.H. 1972. Mammals of the Sea: Biology andMedicine. Charles C. Thomas. 812 pp. $165.
Ridgway, S.H., and R.J. Harrison. 1981. Handbook of MarineMammals, Vol. 1: The Walrus, Sea Lions, Fur Seals, and Sea Otter. AcademicPress. 235 pp.  $30.
Ridgway, S.H., and R.J. Harrison. 1981. Handbook of MarineMammals, Vol. 2: Seals. Academic Press. 359 pp. $35.
Ridgway, S.H., and R. Harrison. 1985. Handbook of MarineMammals, Vol. 3: The Sirenians and Baleen Whales. Academic Press Inc., London.362 pp.  $60.
Scientific Reports of the Whales Research Institute. (misc.issues). Scientific Reports of the Whales Research Institute.  Misc. prices.
True, F.W. 1904. Whalebone Whales of the Western NorthAtlantic Compared with Those Occurring in European Waters with SomeObservations on the Species of the North Pacific. Smithsonian Contributions toKnowledge. 332 pp. + plates.  $95(hardbound).
True, F.W. 1910. An account of the beaked whales of thefamily Ziphiidae in the collection of the United States National Museum, withremarks on some species in other American museums. Bulletin of the UnitedStates National Museum. 73:42 pp. + plates. $65 (hardbound).
Truitt, D. 1974 Dolphins and Porpoises: A ComprehensiveAnnotated Bibliography of the Smaller Cetacea. Gale Research Co.  $25.
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