[MARMAM] internship and volunteer positions during Grey seal pup season at A Seal (Holland)

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A Seal, a rescue center for Harbour- and Grey seals in Stellendam, Holland is accepting applications for internship and volunteer positions during the Grey seal pup season (from the 15th of December 2017 till the 31st of March 2018).
A Seal is a nonprofit organization that aims to  be a  centre of expertise for marine mammals with a focus on rehabilitation of the Harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) and the Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) which are the most common marine mammals of the dutch part of the North Sea.

A Seal’s Internship Program is structured and designed to
provide students in animal care and veterinary assistance(undergraduate degree and  intermediate vocational degree) with hands-on experience in the field of seal rehabilitation.


  *   Assisting during all phases of seal rehabilitation (intake; quaranteens; inside baths; outside baths and release at the Dutch coast).
  *   (Force- and tube-) feeding of the seals
  *   Food preparation
  *   Cleaning of pens and common facilities


.         Must possess a strong work ethic, have high attention to detail and the ability to work with limited supervision

.         Must be self-motivated, enthusiastic, friendly and able to work in a team of volunteers

.         Must be 18 or older

.         Must be available on weekends, holidays and during the evening hours
.         During this internship the intern will experience physical activity, such as: lifting, restraining and moving animals.

Prior experience is not required and all training is provided.
This is an unpaid position.
Interns are responsible for their own housing and
Housing facilities (single room; shared kitchen and bathroom with other interns), 250 meters from A Seal, can be rented at limited charge.
Those who can work full-time hours for at least 4 weeks will be given preference.

Please visit www.aseal.nl<http://www.aseal.nl/>  for more information on our center (in dutch).

Application with full CV can be sent to:
More information can be acquired from:

Vincent Serbruyns (Team leader Seal care / Intern coordinator)
A Seal - Zeehondenopvang Stellendam
Haringvlietplein 3a
3251 LD Stellendam
E-mail       : vincent.serbruyns at aseal.nl
Office:  0031 (0)88 27 47 780

Connect with us on social media!

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/stichtingaseal/?fref=ts

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