[MARMAM] Bayesian Capture-Recapture workshop at 2017 SMM conference in Halifax

Krista Nicholson krista.e.nicholson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 04:51:28 PDT 2017

Dear MARMAM'ers,

We have had a few last minute cancellations to a Bayesian Capture-Recapture
(CR) workshop at the 2017 Biennial SMM Conference. This is a full-day
workshop held on Sunday, October 29, 2017, 08:00-17:00. This workshop is
run in response to recent advances in CR modelling showing that there are
number of advantages in implementing Bayesian CR models over other popular
methods. These advantages will be highlighted and discussed throughout the

The workshop will include an introduction to Bayesian theory and
beginner/intermediate tutorials on R and JAGS. JAGS is the popular and
flexible Bayesian scripting language that can code CR models and much more!
The workshop is suitable for students, researchers, professors, veteran
program MARK users, and anyone who is already familiar with CR and would
like to learn how to implement Bayesian CR models. Intermediate familiarity
with R and CR is expected.The learning aspects of the workshop will be
focused on Bayesianism and performing Bayesian CR analyses with the
BUGS/JAGS syntax (through R).

You can register for this workshop online at the conference website
however as we are so close to the workshop please also e-mail me at
k.nicholson at murdoch.edu.au should you be interested in attending the

All the best,

Dr. Robert Rankin and Krista Nicholson
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