[MARMAM] Second Announcement for SMM 2017 Workshop: Not All is Black and White

Elizabeth Zwamborn elizabeth.zwamborn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 06:52:32 PDT 2017

Dear All,

The SMM 2017 conference is almost here and we would like to draw your
attention to the following workshop to be held on Saturday October 28th,
2017 at the upcoming SMM conference in Halifax.

Title: Not all is black and white: Identifying research challenges and
solutions for the lesser known blackfish

Summary: This workshop will facilitate a gathering of scientists who study
blackfish species (pilot whales, false killer whales, pygmy killer whales,
melon-headed whales, and lesser known killer whale populations). Innovative
technology and study methods are leading to exciting new research
possibilities within this group of cetaceans. However, given their
generally pelagic or rural distribution, many populations of blackfish
species are poorly understood.The goal of this workshop is threefold: to
identify gaps in research effort and the challenges that arise while
researching these species, to present new and exciting observations, and to
encourage collaboration amongst the scientists who study them. This day
will consist of series of presentations (morning – 20 minutes in length by
invited speakers and 5 minutes by additional workshop participants) and a
group discussion identifying common research challenges and possible
solutions (afternoon), with time allotted for networking (late afternoon).
The outcome of this workshop will be a document - with the goal of
publication - reviewing recent advances in our understanding of these
species with suggestions for future work, as well as working collaborations
amongst those who study these species worldwide.

We invite any researchers involved in work with blackfish species around
the world. In addition to the invited speakers, we will have a few 5 minute
presentation slots open for other workshop participants to share their
current research. Please email elizabeth.zwamborn(at)dal.ca if you would be
interested in one of these or have any other questions regarding this

All the best,

Elizabeth Zwamborn MSc
PhD Student
Whitehead Lab
Dalhousie University
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