[MARMAM] SMM workshop: Women in Marine Mammal Science

Erin Ashe erin at oceansinitiative.org
Tue Oct 10 13:15:30 PDT 2017

Dear MARMAM community,
The Women in Marine Mammal Science (WIMMS) workshop at the upcoming SMM Biennial in Halifax has attracted an esteemed list of speakers, panelists, and participants, including Prof Janet Mann (keynote), Dr Christina Lockyer, Dr Gill Braulik, and many other impressive and inspiring speakers and panelists. Please check the WIMMS website <https://wimms.weebly.com/> as we continue to update the list of speakers and panelists and for further details. 
We are also pleased to announce two sponsorship updates:

1. Oceans Initiative is sponsoring a networking lunch as part of the workshop, where participants will have the opportunity to connect with other women in marine mammal science and facilitate mentorships between women in different career stages. Space is limited. If you’re on the fence, please register for the workshop soon so you can join us.
2. Thanks to generous donations from Sarah Haney of the Canadian Whale Institute and David Hannay from JASCO, we are able to cover the registrations for many participants, but not all participants. Please let us know whether waiving the registration fee would make a material difference to your ability to participate.  
We hope you will register for the workshop and join us in Halifax on 28 October 2017. 

Your participation in an anonymous survey to better understand gender-specific experiences in marine mammal science would also be greatly appreciated. The survey can be completed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMP6vBO1aZ8JmPu5G40B3ZSIncvih0_ajp33kRRH-wXGfJkw/viewform <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMP6vBO1aZ8JmPu5G40B3ZSIncvih0_ajp33kRRH-wXGfJkw/viewform>

Please email us at womeninmmsci at gmail.com <mailto:womeninmmsci at gmail.com> if you have any questions.
Thank you,
The WIMMS Workshop Organizers
Erin Ashe
Amanda Bradford
María Marchesi
Natalie Mastick
Frances Robertson
Mridula Srinivasan

Twitter: @womeninmmsci
Hashtag: #womeninmmsci

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