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Russell Fielding rtfieldi at sewanee.edu
Mon Nov 20 14:28:58 PST 2017

Dear MARMAM list,

Several months ago I posted a request for collaboration in analyzing
cetacean tissue samples collected from the artisanal whaling operation at
St. Vincent in the Caribbean for contaminants. I got a good response but
thus far have not made contact with a lab that could do targeted analysis
for certain compounds. I'm interested in finding a lab that can detect and
measure concentrations of POPs, major organochlorines (e.g. DDT, DDE,
PCPs), and perhaps fluorinated and brominated compounds. I have ~120
samples of muscle, blubber, kidney, and liver tissues from a variety of
small cetacean species (*Orcinus orca, Grampus griseus, Globicephala
macrorhychus, *and* Pseudorca crassidens*) and a few samples from an
unknown *Stenella* species). At this point I am only interested in
collaborating with labs in the US since my CITES permits are not valid for
export. Finding one US-based lab that can do all of the analyses mentioned
above would be ideal. If you're interested, please contact me at the email
address or phone number below.

Thanks very much,
Russell Fielding

Russell Fielding, Ph.D.
Department of Earth and Environmental Systems
The University of the South
Sewanee, TN 37383 USA

office: Snowden Hall 211B
phone: 931-598-1815
email: russell.fielding at sewanee.edu
web: sewanee.edu/faculty/fielding
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