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I have a collection of *marine mammal (mostly cetacean) books* (and some
magazine issues) that I am selling, most of them for about 75% of the
lowest cost found on several online book sites. These books mainly deal
with marine mammal biology and whaling history. The catalogue is an Excel
spreadsheet with several tabs. If you would like a copy of the catalogue
(.zip file) you can send me a request at: *jmb.mmbks at gmail.com*. I will
only charge the Post Office media shipping rate for the books (plus
shipping envelope or box).  I sent an earlier I post to MarMam in August; I
have a little over half (266) of the books left.

There are about 26 books availabe for $1: see the tab 'To_Bookstore ($1)' .
There are also some books in Japanese (photo of book cover provided). There
is a tab labelled 'IWC' which contains Annual Reports (Scientific
Committee) of the International Whaling Commission from 1950-1998 (old
series - hardbound) and 1999-2012 (new series - softbound). There are also
JCRM (Journal of Cetacean Research and Management) issues: 1999-1012. I
have not set a price for the IWC publications but if you are interested we
can work something out. In addition, there is a separate file,
mm.pamphlets,magazines,journals,etc.docx, that has magazine/journal issues
on marine mammals for sale. The zip file contains a Read Me doc that
explains the catalogue.

Below is a sample of some of the books available (under Main List tab).

   - Andersen, H. T. [ed.] 1969. The Biology of Marine Mammals. New York
   and London Academic Press. Pp. xii + [1]-511 ($7.50) Beale, T. 1973. The
   Natural History of the Sperm Whale ... To Which is Added, a Sketch of a
   South-Sea Whaling Voyage. London, The Holland Press Limited. Pp. i-xvi +
   1-393 + 3 pls ($16)
   - Beddington, J. R.; R. J. H. Beverton; D. M. Lavigne (eds.). 1985.
   Marine Mammals and Fisheries. London, Boston and Sydney. George Allen &
   Unwin, Pp. [i]-xxi + 1-354 ($10)
   - Bockstoce, J. R. 1986. Whales, Ice, and Men. The History Whaling in
   the Western Arctic. Seattle and London, in assoc. with New Bedford Whaling
   Museum & Univ. of Washington Press. Pp. 1-400 ($15)
   - Bonner, W. Nigel. 1989. The Natural History of Seals. Bromley, Kent.
   Christopher Helm (Publ.) Ltd. pP. [i]-xvi + 1-196 ($2.75)
   - Budker, Paul. 1959 Whales and Whaling. New York, The MacMillan Co. Pp.
   [1]-182 + [2]. (belonged to (signed by) Karl Kenyon of sea otter fame) ($5)
   - Ellis, R. 1980. The Book of Whales. New York. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
   Inscribed by author ($4.50)
   - Heide-Jørgensen, Mads Peter; Christian Lydersen (eds.). 1998. Ringed
   Seals in the North Atlantic. NAMMCO Scientific Publications, Vol. 1.
   Tromsø, The North Atl. Mar. Mamm. Comm. Pp. [1]-273 ($10)
   - Huntley, A. C.; D. P. Costa; G. A. J. Worthy; M. A. Castellini. 1987.
   Approaches to Marine Mammal Energetics. SMM Special Publication No. 1.
   Lawrence, KS. Soc.for Mar. Mammalogy. Pp. [i]-xviii + 1-253 ($40)

Thank you.
Jeff Breiwick
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