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 Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to share the recent publication of our paper in Journal of Acoustical Society of America:

Parisi, I., de Vincenzi, G., Torri, M., Papale, E., Mazzola, S., Bonanno, A., Buscaino, G. 2017.

Underwater vocal complexity of Arctic seal Erignathus barbatus in Kongsfjorden (Svalbard).
Journal of Acoustical Society of America, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5010887

In this study the description of underwater vocal repertoire of bearded seal in Svalbard (Norway)
was extended. Two autonomous passive acoustic recorders were deployed for one year (August
2014–July 2015) in the inner and outer parts of the Kongsfjorden, and 1728 h were recorded and
17 220 vocalizations were found. Nine different vocalization classes were identified and characterized
using ten acoustic parameters. The calls showed heterogeneous spectral features, but share the
descending trend of frequency modulation. The different classes emerged were discriminated
primarily by bandwidth and duration, and then by minimum frequency, central frequency, and maximum
frequency in this order. This study represents a step forward to improve the understanding of
the acoustic behaviour and the social function of these calls, and identified long passive acoustic
monitoring as an effective method to assess vocal complexity and the ecology of marine species
producing sounds.

To request a pdf copy please email me at:

giovanni.devincenzi at iamc.cnr.it

or Elena Papale at:

elena.papale at iamc.cnr.it

All the best

Giovanni de Vincenzi

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