[MARMAM] Alert: plagiarism of unpublished marine mammal research papers in ijcset.net

Denise Herzing dlherzing at wilddolphinproject.org
Fri May 26 09:09:54 PDT 2017


Recently we found an unpublished paper of ours published on a website under bogus author names in the journal ijcset.net <http://ijcset.net/>. See below. (Not to be confused with ijcset.com <http://ijcset.com/> which is legit).

An Annotation System for Dolphin Vocalizations
Antonio Cabera, Carlos Alvarado
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Universidad Nacional del sur
Av. Alem 1253, 8000 Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This unpublished research paper was reproduced almost verbatim but with author names replaced and one figure added. We are currently investigating this website in addition to investigating how someone was able to access our unpublished paper that was submitted for publication through another site. It appears that the author names may be bogus or non existent as well, however if anyone recognizes them, please let us know. 

After launching further investigation into the archives of ijcset.net <http://ijcset.net/> we also found the following paper on this website 

Bottlenose Dolphin Whistle Categorization Using
Eigenwhistle Based Approach
Michael MacBride, Lucas Roth
School of Engineering, Edith Cowan University
270 Joondalup Dr, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia

I have been unable to track down these authors directly, or through their university, to confirm if this is a legitimate paper or legitimate authors.  If anyone knows them could you please contact me, or send their contact information along? 

Of additional concern is that this is someone else’s research that has been plagiarized as our research was plagiarized and falsified.  If anyone recognizes this research, or the researchers, please let us know. 

If anyone would like to hear what we discover in this investigation of ijcset.net <http://ijcset.net/> and how to protect yourselves or your unpublished/submitted work, just send me an email.  This could not be more disturbing to a researcher or student but it apparently is happening in the larger world of science publication. 

The real authors
Denise Herzing, Daniel Kohlsdorf, Thad Starner
dlherzing at wilddolphinproject.org <mailto:dlherzing at wilddolphinproject.org>

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