[MARMAM] Marine Mammal and Fall 2017 Internships with New England Aquarium

Brendon Dempsey bdempsey at neaq.org
Wed May 24 09:00:49 PDT 2017

The New England Aquarium is recruiting for Fall 2017 internships in roles dedicated to animal care & training as well as marine mammal research. Interns work closely with a direct supervisor who will train, mentor, and guide individuals over the 12-16 week internship time period. We will begin reviewing applications on June 1st, though we will continue accepting applications throughout the summer until all positions have been filled. You may apply for up to three internships with the Aquarium per cycle. Please see the links below for details.

Marine Mammal Internship<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__CMSContent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002U4CeEAK>

Marine Mammal Education and Research<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__CMSContent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002U4XlEAK>

Additionally we are recruiting for internships throughout out facilities, please see below.

Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Internship<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__CMSContent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002U4kVEAS>-Please note, this is predominantly sea turtle work during our stranding season

Aquarium Medical Center<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__CMSContent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002U4gKEAS>

Visitor Education Internship<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__CMSContent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002U4JwEAK>

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out or see the links in my signature, below.

Best wishes,

Brendon Dempsey
Coordinator, Internships &
Professional Development
New England Aquarium
tel  617.973.5235
BDempsey at neaq.org<mailto:BDempsey at neaq.org>

Applying for Internships<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__cmscontent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002S8jLEAS>
Internship Positions<http://serve.neaq.org/HOC__cmscontent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002S8o6EAC>
Have questions? Internship FAQ<http://neaquarium.force.com/HOC__cmscontent?CMSId=a0Uo0000002S8jQEAS>

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