[MARMAM] Fwd: Scrutinizing reference to a review paper on the whale tag launcher ARTS

lkarts at lkarts.no lkarts at lkarts.no
Thu May 11 01:00:14 PDT 2017

I am writing a review on the use of the whale tag launcher ARTS. Some  
20 years ago I developed this research tool with the Norwegian company 
Restech Norway AS, so I am now scrutinizing papers to possibly include 
in this review. If you have been involved in telemetry projects were you 
have been using either the whale tag launcher ARTS or the processing 
radiodirection finder DFHorten, or last the biopsy setup with the ARTS 
using the LKDarts, it would be nice to get feedback on this with 
references to papers deriving from your studies.

Best regards
Lars Kleivane

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