[MARMAM] New publication on the vocal repertoire of Mediterranean Monk Seal

Isabelle Charrier isabelle.charrier at u-psud.fr
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Dear MARMAM readers,

My co-authors and myself are pleased to announce the publication of our 
paper on the Mediterranean Monk seal vocal repertoire in Endagered 
Species Research:

*Charrier I, Marchesseau S, Dendrinos P, Tounta E, Karamanlidis AA
Individual signatures in the vocal repertoire of the endangered 
Mediterranean monk seal: new perspectives for population monitoring.*

ABSTRACT: The Mediterranean monk seal/Monachus monachus/is considered 
Endangered by the IUCN, and is the most endangered pinniped in the 
world. Increasing our knowledge of this species is crucial in order to 
further our understanding of its social behaviour, but also to develop 
new methods to monitor and protect it. In many species, acoustic 
communication plays a major role in social interactions, and vocal 
signals convey important information about the emitter; understanding 
the diverse information encoded in vocalizations is helpful in wildlife 
monitoring. In the present study, we used passive, audio-video surveys 
to describe the aerial vocal repertoire of the Mediterranean monk seal 
during the pupping season. An exhaustive analysis was performed on the 
different call types, and individual vocal signatures were investigated. 
A total of 5 call types were identified: bark, chirp, grunt, short 
scream and scream, with bark and scream being the 2 main call types. A 
discriminant function analysis based on 10 acoustic variables revealed 
that all call types except grunts can be correctly classified, with an 
average rate of 86.7%. Furthermore, the individual vocal signature 
investigated in barks and screams revealed that both call types are 
individually specific, showing average correct classification rates of 
54.2 and 66.1% respectively. Based on these findings, future research 
should focus on collecting new recordings from well-identified seals to 
develop a new passive acoustic monitoring system based on individual 
identification. This system will enable the evaluation of annual pup 
production and thus provide essential information on the conservation 
status of the Mediterranean monk seal in Greece.

You can download the paper from: 

A supplementary video can be seen at: 

Best regards,

Isabelle Charrier

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