[MARMAM] New publication: Pre and post operation monitoring phases for offshore seismic exploration activities

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Dear colleagues,
we are pleased to announce the following publication in Marine Pollution

Fossati C, Mussi B, Tizzi R, Pavan G & Pace DS. Italy introduces pre and
post operation monitoring phases for offshore seismic exploration


Concern is growing that marine fauna can be affected by noise such as naval
sonar, pile driving or geophysical surveys, among others. Literature
reports a variety of animal reactions to human noise (from apparently null
or negligible to strong). However, conclusive results on its effects on
marine mammals at individual and population level are still lacking. In
2015, the Italian Environmental Impact Assessment Commission mandated
seismic operators apply a standard scientific protocol comparing marine
mammal presence before, during, and after offshore seismic survey. For 60
days before and after the survey, marine mammals are monitored using visual
and acoustic methods. One or more acoustic autonomous recorders, depending
on area size, must also be deployed throughout the three phases for
continuous monitoring. Consistent data gathered from many surveys will
enable robust statistical analysis of results. Diffusion of this monitoring
method internationally would improve the study of far-reaching, intense,
low frequency noise.

Noise pollution; Seismic survey; Airgun; Acoustic mitigation

The full text can be accessed through

More details or pdf requests, please feel free to contact us.

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