[MARMAM] World Whale Conference: Durban, SA 24-29 June 2017

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World Whale Conference  - Uniting all cetacean industry stakeholders   


The  <http://www.worldcetaceanalliance.org/> World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is hosting our 4th  <http://www.worldwhaleconference.org/> World Whale Conference 2017, to be held in Durban, South Africa from 24th – 29th June 2017.  


The conference will be focused on the theme Towards Responsible Tourism for Cetaceans, and will bring together national, regional and global stakeholders from whale conservation and welfare backgrounds, the whale watching industry, governmental departments, travel and tourism representatives, and beyond, to share evidence and discuss strategies to ensure the protection of cetaceans in southern Africa and worldwide. 


As a part of the conference, WCA’s Whale Heritage Sites Summit will see WHS candidates showcase their destinations, and discuss and explore opportunities for the development of new sites in Africa and worldwide. 


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 <http://worldwhaleconference.org/programme/wca-conference-2017/> Conference Schedule:  


Saturday 24th June, 2017: Community Event with Sodurba, a new annual event to celebrate the ‘Arrival of the Whales’ on their migration route

Sunday 25th June, 2017: Workshops with a regional focus of Cetacean Conservation  and Cetacean Tourism in Africa  

Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th June, 2017: WCA Conference Key note address: Dr Ken Findlay 

Wednesday 28th June & Thursday 29th June, 2017: Whale Heritage Sites (WHS) Summit 

WCA Conference Key Goals:

The 2017 World Whale Conference will achieve three important goals for cetaceans in tourism:

1.	Agree a set of Global Standards that protect all cetaceans in tourism by combining current best practice guidelines, advice from practitioners, and the latest scientific research into one resource.
2.	Create an International Advisory Committee for Cetaceans in Tourism (both in the wild and in captivity) to oversee the agreed Global Standards.
3.	 Seek endorsement for both the Global Standards and Advisory Committee from national and international institutions, regulatory bodies, governments, NGOs, and the travel industry.


The detail of these standards/guidelines will be debated, discussed and where possible, agreed at the World Whale Conference 2017. The World Cetacean Alliance are currently in discussion with key stakeholders and policy makers to identify mechanisms/platforms for these standards and guidelines to be adopted (and enforced) globally. Visit the  <http://www.worldwhaleconference.org> www.worldwhaleconference.org website for more details on the agenda.


Further information regarding the conference programme and speakers is being updated regularly and will include both international and South African presenters.   

Our conference website  <http://www.worldwhaleconference.org/> www.worldwhaleconference.org allows delegates to find out more about the conference, registration, accommodation, and source information on the host city, visa requirements, flight and travel options, etc.


We do hope that you will join us in Durban! Please use this link to register:  <http://worldwhaleconference.org/register/> http://worldwhaleconference.org/register/


Warm regards,

WCA Conference Team


Email:   <mailto:admin at worldcetaceanalliance.org> admin at worldcetaceanalliance.org 


The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is a Partnership of over 90 non-profit organisations, whale and dolphin watching tour operators and individuals in 35 countries worldwide working collaboratively to protect cetaceans and their habitats. World Cetacean Alliance, the Secretariat to the Partnership, is a UK registered Charity no. 1160484. 


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