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I am pleased to share the following information about an undergraduate course at the Shoals Marine Laboratory:

Course:           Marine Mammal Biology (UNH: BIOSM 1650, 3 credits; Cornell MEFB 535, 4 credits)

Dates:              June 12 - 26, 2017

Where:           Shoals Marine Laboratory, Appledore Island (Isles of Shoals, Maine, USA)

Instructors:	Dr. Nadine Lysiak (University of Massachusetts Boston, New England Aquarium) & Dr. Andrea Bogomolni (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Course Summary:  
This 2-week summer intensive course provides an introduction to the biology and conservation of the whales and seals, with a particular focus on species of the Gulf of Maine: taxonomy and species diversity, adaptations for life in the sea, foraging ecology, reproductive biology & social behavior, bioacoustics, stranding science, human interaction and management of threatened species. Hands-on experiences include field research and monitoring of local seal populations, open-water observations of whales, and dissections of stranded specimens.

Course website:	https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/course/marine-mammal-biology <https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/course/marine-mammal-biology>

Tuition & Fees:
A detailed breakdown of all course-related costs is available at https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/tuition-breakdown <https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/tuition-breakdown>.  Shoals Marine Lab offers need-based scholarships and work-study opportunities for students.  Please visit https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/financial-support-scholarships <https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/financial-support-scholarships> for more information.  

Application: https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/admissions <https://www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org/admissions>

For more information please contact: nadine.lysiak at gmail.com <mailto:nadine.lysiak at gmail.com> or shoals.lab at unh.edu <mailto:shoals.lab at unh.edu>
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