[MARMAM] New collaboration: Orcasound app for citizen science

Scott Veirs sveirs at gmail.com
Fri May 5 16:09:19 PDT 2017

Dear MarMam colleagues,

We would like to invite individuals and organizations with an interest in
passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) of marine mammals to collaborate on the
development and testing of a new browser-based app called "Orcasound."
 This is a evolution of the 15+year-old Salish Sea Hydrophone Network --
orcasound.net <http://orcasound.net?5050mm> -- based in WA, USA.

If successful this project will at least make it much easier for citizen
scientists to use their favorite device to listen for whales.  At the most
it will juxtapose in a spirited scientific competition two distinct
approaches to bioacoustic analysis (e.g. detection, annotation,
classification): crowd-sourcing through citizen science networks and
algorithms run on high-performance computers in the cloud.

The initial goal of the app is to streamline listening to live or recorded
audio. It also enables listeners to report when they hear something
interesting and to be notified of acoustic events detected by the network.

After testing and refinement of these fundamental features (listening,
detecting, notifications) the stage will be set for annotation and
classification experiments (c.f. bioacoustic citizen science projects, Bat
Detective <https://www.batdetective.org/> and WhaleFM <http://whalefm.org>).

If you would like to collaborate, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We
are interested in discussing the project with marine mammal specialists who
have deployed hydrophones, steward acoustic data archives, or have
implemented bioacoustic detectors, classifiers, and/or citizen science

We would also like to invite educational/outreach organizations with an
interest in marine mammal sounds and ocean noise pollution to join the
current Hydrophone Network members in freely creating and sharing
resources.  If you know any audiences who would benefit from receiving
notifications of live or recorded listening options (e.g. docents or
interpreters teaching about soniferous species or noise pollution), we
would appreciate you inviting them to join our Network so that they can
influence the development of the Orcasound app.

Looking foward to hearing from you,
Scott and Val Veirs
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