[MARMAM] New publication: Insecticide pyrethroids in liver of striped dolphin from the Mediterranean Sea.

Joan Giménez Verdugo joan.gimenez at csic.es
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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce our recent article published in the journal

.Aznar-Alemany, Ò., Giménez, J., de Stephanis, R., Eljarrat, E., & Barceló,
D. (2017). Insecticide pyrethroids in liver of striped dolphin from the
Mediterranean Sea. *Environmental Pollution*, *225*, 346-353.


Pyrethroid pesticides were analysed in liver of striped dolphin (*Stenella
coeruleoalba*) from the Alboran Sea (south of Spain, Mediterranean Sea).
The occurrence and bioaccumulation of pyrethroid insecticides in marine
mammal tissues from the northern hemisphere had never been determined
before. Pyrethroids were detected in 87% of the specimens with a mean total
concentration of 300 ng g-1 lw ± 932 (range 2.7–5200 ng g-1 lw). Permethrin
and tetramethrin were the main contributors to the pyrethroid profiles,
with enantiospecific accumulation for the first and isomer specific
accumulation for the latter. Bioaccumulation of pyrethroids was unlike that
of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), as pyrethroid concentrations were
not correlated to the maturity stage of the specimens. Concentrations
slightly increased from calves to juveniles, whereas juveniles presented
similar concentrations to adults. Metabolization of pyrethroids after
achieving sexual maturity might account for this pattern.

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