[MARMAM] ECS 2017 Workshop: Approaches to assessing impacts from marine industry on Harbour porpoise SACs

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We would like to invite you to participate in a workshop on:

“Approaches to assessing impacts from marine industry on harbour porpoise Special Areas of Conservation”

To be held on Sunday 30th April 2017 ahead of the European Cetacean Society Conference in Middelfart, Denmark.

The workshop is organised by members of the UK statutory nature conservation bodies (Natural Resources Wales, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee) who act as advisors to the UK government.

The aim of the workshop is to present case studies from across Europe to discuss harbour porpoise conservation measures, particularly through Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) under the EU Habitats Directive, in the face of a growing renewable energy industry.

It will be an opportunity for regulators, advisors, researchers, developers, NGOs and other stakeholders to share their experiences of harbour porpoise SAC conservation management. We will hear real-life case studies from around Europe on issues including:

•         How are activities regulated within harbour porpoise SACs?

•         Should impacts such as collision risk, noise disturbance and habitat loss be assessed and mitigated differently within and outside sites?

•         What are the main challenges faced, and how are they overcome?

•         Are there other approaches that have been used for ‘wider sea’ areas e.g. Conservation strategies?

We also invite submissions on case studies such as approaches to mitigation, cumulative noise assessment, population change thresholds, and monitoring. There will be an afternoon of in-depth group discussions to allow all delegates to participate and explore these issues further.

The workshop will attempt to identify issues, highlighting examples of best practice and lessons learned.

We welcome submission of abstracts for short presentations on the topics covered in the workshop – please submit your abstract with your registration by 3rd April if you would like to contribute.

Participation fee of €20 to be paid on the day.

To register or submit an abstract please contact Ceri Wyn Morris:ceri.morris at naturalresourceswales.gov.uk<mailto:ceri.morris at naturalresourceswales.gov.uk>

We look forward to seeing you in Denmark,

Ceri Wyn Morris (on behalf of the organising committee)

Natural Resources Wales


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