[MARMAM] ECS 2017 workshop- How to achieve a European Joint Cetacean Protocol?

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Mon Mar 20 07:38:27 PDT 2017

Dear all,

Please join us for a 1-day workshop on Saturday 29th April at the ECS Conference, Middlefart, Denmark.

Aim: Identify potential European partners and discuss objectives of a future Joint Cetacean Protocol with coverage throughout European seas.

Summary The Joint Cetacean Protocol (JCP) assembled effort-related cetacean sightings datasets from all major UK, and some European sources. These data represented the largest cetacean sightings resource ever collated in Europe: 38 data sources, at least 542 survey platforms; over 1 million km of effort; and over a 17-year period (1994-2010) in European shelf seas. There is currently no mechanism to maintain and develop the JCP (e.g. collate and store new datasets) and at the 2016 ECS conference a workshop was held to discuss the future of the JCP and what its future objectives should be. These included:

·         Developing standardised methods to increase the pool of robust and compatible datasets;

·         Developing an electronic data capture system that includes formatting, validation and data upload tools;

·         Developing a central European database;

·         Working towards making these data open access;

·         Identifying products required by stakeholders, such as maps or atlases; and

·         Identifying data gaps and working with data providers to fill them.
In March 2017, JNCC hosted a UK and Ireland workshop towards further development and prioritisation of these objectives and to draft a plan of how they could be achieved. Ultimately, the JCP aims to broaden its coverage to a European level and this ECS 2017 workshop will gauge interest from potential European partners and review the outputs of the March workshop from a European perspective. Combining the outputs of this and the previous ECS 2017 workshop will ensure that the future JCP will deliver for both UK and European stakeholders. The workshop is aimed at stakeholders that collect/collate cetacean visual/digital survey datasets and end users of these data.

Contact Kelly Macleod, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK: Kelly.Macleod at jncc.gov.uk<mailto:Kelly.Macleod at jncc.gov.uk>) and Tim Dunn, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK: Tim.Dunn at jncc.gov.uk<mailto:Tim.Dunn at jncc.gov.uk>)

Participation fee: €5

Workshop programme:

10:00   Welcome

10:05   History of the JCP: aims and uses

10:20   Data types and ‘standard’ for the JCP

10: 35   Discussion

10:45  Presentation sessions: exploration of effort-related survey data within Europe

10:45  ‘Overview of the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme’ (MERP) James Waggit/Peter Evans, Bangor University, UK.

11:05  ‘Monitoring cetaceans opportunistically’ Lucy Babey, European Cetacean Monitoring Coalition, UK

11:25 Coffee

11:45  ‘Marine Megafauna Monitoring in France: The MEGASCOPE and SAMM Surveys’ Matthieu Authier, La Rochelle, France

12:05  ‘Standardized surveying of marine mammals with aerial high definition videos’ Caroline Hoeschle , BioConsult SH / HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd .

12:25  ‘Harbour porpoise surveys in the south-eastern North Sea’ Anita Gilles, Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research, Germany.

12:45  Lunch

13:45  Objectives of a new JCP

-          Summary from the ECS 2016

-          Discussion: scope of the objectives from a wider European perspective?

14:15  Break-out groups: Prioritisation of objectives

15: 00 Break

15:10   Feedback from break out groups

15: 30   Working arrangements at the European scale

15:45   Next steps

16:00    Close

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