[MARMAM] Conspicuous solitary dolphin in Baltic, Celtic and North Sea

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Dear all,

Please share the following lines with your friends around the Irish, 
North and Baltic Seas, thank you.

*Do you have news about dolphin Fiete or information about other cases 
of conspicuous dolphins?*

In early February 2017, an unusual bottlenose dolphin visited Saint-Malo 
(Brittany, France). He was very friendly with divers and boats and 
fearlesslywent in and out of basins of the harbor through the locks. He 
disappeared around February 17 and we haven't had any news about him since.

The same dolphin was previously observed in August 2016 in the Baltic 
Sea off Fredericia, Denmark, and in Kiel Fjord, Germany between August 
and December 2016, as established through meticulous comparison of scars 
and other skin features.

In Kiel, the dolphin was named Fiete. He swam with people, repeatedly 
passed the double locks into Kiel Canal and was fearless of small and 
large ships and ship traffic. He went as far as 40 km up the canal, to 
Rendsburg, before returning to the Baltic Sea via the locks. This 
unusual behaviourmade him conspicuous and led us to compare photographs 
between Kiel and St. Malo.

Fiete is a male, about 3.50 m long, it has a well marked “mask “, with 5 
tooth scars in front of his left eye, a 3 cm scar on the throat below 
the left eye, 2 notches on the right part of his caudal fin and a few 
marks on his dorsal fin.

Fiete was seen last time in Kiel December 8 and appeared in Saint Malo 
February 4th. So he did a 2,000 km journey in 2 months !More: 

Thank you very much for your help in keeping track of Fiete,

Kind regards, Morgane Perri, Al Lark, St Malo and Boris Culik, F3, Kiel
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