[MARMAM] ECS 2017 Workshop on "Communicating Marine Mammal Science to the general public"

Volker Smit smit at m-e-e-r.de
Thu Mar 16 12:27:56 PDT 2017

Dear MarMam and ECS Communities!

Feel free to participate in our workshop: "5 th workshop on 
Communicating Marine Mammal Science to the general public""

which will be held on Sunday, April 30th 2017 form 9:00-17:00 in 
Middelfart, Denmark, a day before the begin of the 31st Conference of 
the European Cetacean Society.

This workshop is organized by Volker Smit, NGO MEER, Berlin, Germany 
(smit at m-e-e-r.de <mailto:smit at m-e-e-r.de>) and Dr. Luigi Bundone, 
Institution: Archipelagos ambiente e sviluppo, Italia 
(luigibundone at tiscali.it <mailto:luigibundone at tiscali.it>).The 
participation fee is 25 € to be paid in cash on site.

To register, please e-mail Volker Smit: smit at m-e-e-r.de

We are excited to have *Silke Carsten* a marketing specialist talking 
about “MARKETING FOR SCIENTISTS – How to benefit from Marketing tools in 
the area of marine mammal science”.

*The workshops aims to:*

  * exchange about marketing and fundraising,
  * exchange and develop applicable protocols to address education,
  * exchange experience in addressing the media,
  * exchange ideas and knowledge in new science teaching tools,
  * foster general networking with all stakeholders,
  * share information about sources related to education,
  * exchange about the outreach of education and
  * support ECS to address educational questions.

The following sessions are scheduled:


 1. “MARKETING FOR SCIENTISTS – How to benefit from Marketing tools in
    the area of marine mammal science”.

    The long term project “MEER La Gomera” – a marketing and fundraising
    perspective – past, present and future!


    "Communicating Mediterranean monk seal conservation in Mauritania"
    CBD Habitat


    Are protocols and guidelines necessary in order to communicate
    marine mammal science to a wide audience?


To To download the workshop agenda visit the ECS website: 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Middelfart,

Kind regards,

Volker Smit

Volker Smit

2.Vorsitzender - vice-president

M.E.E.R. e.V.
Bundesallee 123
D-12161 Berlin

T +49-(0)2041-4629243
smit at m-e-e-r.de


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