[MARMAM] Workshop on acoustic monitoring of toothed whales

Jens Koblitz Jens.Koblitz at bioacousticsnetwork.org
Tue Mar 14 02:16:12 PDT 2017

Dear MarMam and ECS Communities,

We like to invite you to participate in a workshop titled:

"Static Acoustic Monitoring (SAM) of toothed whales using echolocation 
clicks: Loggers, Experience, Advances and Challenges"

which will be held on Sunday, April 30th 2017 form 9:00-18:00 in 
Middelfart, Denmark, a day before the begin of the 31st Conference of 
the European Cetacean Society.

This workshop is organized by Line A. Kyhn, Nick Tregenza, Mats Amundin, 
Jakob Tougaard and Jens Koblitz

The participation fee is 25 € to be paid in cash on site.

To register, please e-mail Jens Koblitz at 
Jens.Koblitz at bioacousticsnetwork.org

We are excited to have *Armando Jaramillo* talking about acoustic 
monitoring of the Vaquita population and *Len Thomas* giving an 
introduction on the estimation of population size based on SAM data.

This workshop aims to focus on the issues that impact efforts to use 
Static Acoustic Monitoring of echolocation clicks. SAM has now been used 
in several large projects that have produced results that could not be 
achieved by other methods within realistic budgets, but it is a young 
method with multiple challenges.

The following sessions are scheduled:

1)Equipment. Various companies will present their devices allowing 
direct comprison. Devices to be presented: PODs, SM4s, SoundTraps, 
Decimus, icListens, Middelfart Listening Station

2)Classifier performance, species ID, next generation SAM devices, 
effect of noise

3)Density Estimation, comparability of methods, detection functions, cue 

4)SAM projects: design, logistics, managing, analyzing and presenting 
large date sets

We have limited time for few contributed presentations and welcome 
submission of abstracts for short presentations on any of the topics 
covered in this workshop. Please submit your abstract with your 
registration by e-mail until April 1^st .

We are looking forward to seeing you in Middelfart,

Jens (on behalf of all organizers)

Jens C. Koblitz


Eichenallee 32 a
41469 Neuss

Home: +41 (0) 56 55 876 20
Cell: +49 (0) 1512-2236452


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