[MARMAM] Acoustic Monitoring (PODs) training workshop

Chelonia Limited team at chelonia.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 06:33:22 PST 2017

Acoustic Monitoring (PODs) training workshop

We are writing to invite interested parties to a training workshop 
covering the use of Chelonia PODs, static acoustic monitoring instruments.

We are holding a workshop on May 18th, 19th and the morning of 20th 
(optional) in Cornwall, south-west England and invite you to join us.

The workshop is suitable for users, present or potential, of the C-POD 
or the new C-POD-F instrument. It will cover:

  - Some theory: how cetaceans can be detected and how the C-POD works.

- Practical: operating the C-POD and C-POD-F.

- Data interpretation and analysis: this is the main content, and you 
will be able to assess the validity of your data.

  - Project design: what question are you trying to answer? What do you 
need to achieve your aims?

  - Data export and advanced data analysis.

  - User-defined topics: the last morning will be reserved for these topics.

About half the time you will be working on data on your own computer, 
either singly or in pairs. The workshop offers a chance to meet others 
working on similar issues.

The cost for attending the workshop is GBP 200 (Euros 234) - plus VAT 
where applicable - half price for students in full time education.

25% of the fee will be used to provide acoustic equipment at cost to 
'RASI', a conservation group in Borneo working on, among other things, 
the Irrawaddy Dolphins of the Mahakam River.

If you would like to attend, or require more information, please contact 
us at: team at chelonia.co.uk.

Nick Tregenza

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