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Dylan Walker dylan at worldcetaceanalliance.org
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Dear colleagues,

The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is requesting initial applications from
locations with a track record of scientific research on wild cetaceans as
one of four required criteria for its Whale Heritage Sites initiative. Any
interested person can register a site between now and 28 June 2017, when
the criteria will be reviewed, and all applicant sites will be discussed at
the Whale Heritage Sites Summit, Durban, South Africa (

Whale Heritage Sites (WHS) are high sea or coastal marine areas, and less
often freshwater rivers and lakes, where cetaceans live, and their
associated land areas. WHS will be identified against criteria that
interweave natural and cultural elements and acknowledge critical places
that, for reasons of physical and social geography, are sites where people
can coexist with cetaceans in an authentic and respectful way.


Whale Heritage Site status is granted to those places around the world

1. Cetaceans are celebrated through research, art, education, and cultural

2. Sustainable practices and livelihoods are continually improved to ensure
the health of cetacean habitats and the long-term economic health of human
communities, and;

3. Respectful coexistence with cetaceans is supported through law, policy
and cooperation.

Criteria for WHS focuses on how people celebrate, benefit from, and seek to
conserve the cetaceans with which they coexist. Each WHS may find its own
unique means, appropriate to its local context, including geography,
culture, economics, and politics, to satisfy the criteria with the required
rigour. In meeting WHS criteria, a candidate site must take into account
information relating to the relevant local cetacean populations including
their status, numbers, biology, habitat, behaviour, and welfare.
Overarching the criteria is the premise that WHS sites will promote
respectful positive coexistence with cetaceans.


To submit an initial online application to be considered for Whale Heritage
Site candidacy click here: http://whaleheritagesites.org/application/

For further information about Whale Heritage Sites click here:

We welcome your submissions.


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