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Sean Bogle sean at wildlensinc.org
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Good day MARMAMers,

International Save the Vaquita Day is coming up on July 8, 2017. Wild Lens, Inc is a nonprofit conservation media company and has released a half-hour award-winning documentary film about the plight of vaquita and efforts to save it from the brink of extinction. The film has been used by the Mexican government for diplomatic screenings with Chinese officials, and is now available to the public to help raise awareness about both local and international challenges to protecting vaquita. 

You can view and share the film here: http://vaquitafilm.com/watch-int <http://vaquitafilm.com/watch-int>

You can view and share the PSA here: http://vaquitafilm.com/psa <http://vaquitafilm.com/psa>

Vaquita are the world's most endangered marine mammal, with less than 30 remaining. This small cetacean is endemic to the Gulf of California, where they are under serious threat of extinction due to human activities. Illegal gill netting for totoaba, an endangered fish whose swim bladder sells for thousands in Asian medicine markets, is the greatest threat to vaquita. The Mexican government, marine biologists and conservation agencies are undertaking an ambitious and uncertain plan to capture the remaining vaquita this October, and move them to protected offshore sea-pens, where it is hoped vaquita will reproduce and begin the road the recovery. 

More than 35 international organizations will be hosting events for International Save the Vaquita Day. Wild Lens is partnering with Discovery Center Boise, the Mexican Consulate in Boise, and JUMP to host a multi-day, multi-venue event featuring film screenings, family activities and conservation actions. 

Please help us spread the word about vaquita on July 8! You can support our efforts by sharing the link to our film, visiting our Facebook page "Souls of the Vermilion Sea," and visiting us at www.vaquitafilm.com <http://www.vaquitafilm.com/> to learn more about how to help vaquita, including hosting your own screening event and community campaign. 

For more information contact: Sean Bogle, Eyes on Conservation Project Director Email: sean at wildlensinc.org <mailto:sean at wildlensinc.org>
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