[MARMAM] Special Issue Published: delimiting subspecies using primarily genetic data

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of Marine
Mammal Science that defines subspecies and then focuses on using molecular
genetic data to delimit cetacean subspecies.  The editors introduce marine
mammal subspecies in the age of genetics. The papers in the special issue
then discuss: 1) the need to advance taxonomy for cetaceans, appropriate
definitions for *populations, subspecies and species* and the rationale for
relying largely on genetic data; 2) review recent studies that have used
genetic data to delimit cetacean subspecies and species; 3) review
analytical methods used for such studies; 4) evaluate the performance of
different commonly-used metrics for subspecies delimitation; 5) present a
new application of the Random Forests method to subspecies delimitation;
and 6) provide guidelines and quantitative criteria for use in future
studies of cetacean subspecies.  The guidelines and criteria are not
intended to be applied rigidly but should promote consistent taxonomic
arguments.  The authors hope the set will evolve with the oversight of the
Society for Marine Mammalogy taxonomy committee.  A list of the papers that
appear in the special issue is below.  All of the papers are available
online at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/mms.2017.33.is

Karen Martien, on behalf of all co-authors

Papers in special issue:

Schwartz, M.K. and D.J. Boness.  Marine mammal subspecies in the age of
genetics: introductory remarks from the Associate Editor and
Editor-in-Chief of *Marine Mammal Science*.

Taylor, B.L., W.F. Perrin, R.R. Reeves, P.E. Rosel, J.Y. Wang, F. Cipriano,
C.S. Baker, and R.L. Brownell, Jr.  Why we should develop guidelines and
quantitative standards for using genetic data to delimit subspecies for
data-poor organisms like cetaceans.

Martien, K.K., M.S. Leslie, B.L. Taylor, P.A. Morin, F.I. Archer, B.L.
Hancock-Hanser, P.E. Rosel, N.L. Volymer, A. Viricel, and F. Cipriano.
Analytical approaches to subspecies delimitation with genetic data.

Rosel, P.E., B.L. Taylor, B.L. Hancock-Hanser, P.A. Morin, F.I. Archer,
A.R. Lang, S.L. Mesnick, V.L. Pease, W.F. Perrin, K.M. Robertson, M.S.
Leslie, A. Berta, F. Cipriano, K.M. Parsons, A. Viricel, N.L. Vollmer, and
K.K. Martien.  A review of molecular genetic markers and analytical
approaches that have been used for delimiting marine mammal subspecies and

Rosel, P.E., B.L. Hancock-Hanser, F.I. Archer, K.M. Robertson, K.K.
Martien, M.S. Leslie, A. Berta, F. Cipriano, A. Viricel, K.A.
Viaud-Martinez, and B.L. Taylor.  Examining metrics and magnitudes of
molecular genetic differentiation used to delimit cetacean subspecies based
on mitochondrial DNA control region sequences.

Archer, F.I., K.K. Martien, and B.L. Taylor.  Diagnosability of mtDNA with
Random Forests: using sequence data to delimit subspecies.

Taylor, B.L., F.I. Archer, K.K. Martien, P.E. Rosel, B.L. Hancock-Hanser,
A.R. Lang, M.S. Leslie, S.L. Mesnick, P.A. Morin, V.L. Pease, W.F. Perrin,
K.M. Robertson, K.M. Parsons, A. Viricel, N.L. Vollmer, F. Cipriano, R.R.
Reeves, M. Krützen, and C.S. Baker.  Guidelines and quantitative standards
to improve consistency in cetacean subspecies and species delimitation
relying on molecular genetic data.

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