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Dear MARMAM members,

We are pleased to announce the following publication: Aguirre-Fernández,
G., B. Mennecart, M. R. Sánchez-Villagra, R. Sánchez, and L. Costeur. 2017.
A dolphin fossil ear bone from the northern Neotropics–insights into
habitat transitions in iniid evolution. Journal of Vertebrate


An iniid fossil (Cetacea, Odontoceti) is reported based on a periotic found
in the Codore Formation (late Miocene to middle Pliocene) of northwestern
Venezuela. The marine sediments where the Codore dolphin was collected have
yielded another cetacean and a diverse elasmobranch fauna. Cladistic
analysis indicates a close relationship between the Codore dolphin and the
extant Amazon River dolphin (*Inia geoffrensis*); key characteristics
include a large cochlear portion that is dorsoventrally compressed and the
extremely small size of the posterior process. High-resolution
micro-computed tomography scans were used for the description and analysis
of the bony labyrinth endocast. Geometric morphometric analysis of the bony
labyrinth endocast places the Codore dolphin as intermediate between the La
Plata dolphin (*Pontoporia blainvillei*) and *Inia geoffrensis* (principal
component 1), but distinctive from both extant species (principal component
2). Comparisons of the depositional environment with cladistically informed
reconstructions and inferences based on cochlear and vestibular anatomy
suggest that the Codore dolphin had the flexibility to enter marine,
brackish, and fluvial environments as some extant cetaceans do today
(e.g., *Pontoporia

This paper is available at:
Or can be requested at: gabriel.aguirre at pim.uzh.ch

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Gabriel Aguirre

Gabriel Aguirre
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