[MARMAM] New paper - Intertidal habitat use of bottlenose dolphins

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Thu Jun 22 05:06:20 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

I'm happy to inform you on the publication of a new research paper entitled
"Intertidal habitat use of bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus*) in
Bahía San Antonio, Argentina" in the Journal of the Marine Biological
Association of the UK.

Very little information is available on bottlenose dolphin (*Tursiops
truncatus*) habitat use in the South-western Atlantic. It is, however,
essential in understanding their ecology and to improve conservation
management. In this study, habitat use of bottlenose dolphins was examined
in Bahía San Antonio, an area frequented by the species. Given the large
tidal amplitude and extended intertidal zone in this bay, special focus was
given to the intertidal vs subtidal habitat use patterns. Bottlenose
dolphins were observed in only half of the surveyed area, with on average 1
dolphin group encountered per 100 km surveyed. All dolphin groups were seen
in shallow waters <10 m deep. GLM analyses showed that especially during
high tide, depth had an important effect on the dolphin encounter rate,
with most dolphin groups encountered in the intertidal zone. While in the
intertidal zone, most dolphin groups were observed to be engaged in surface
feeding activities. The presented data indicate dolphins remained in
shallow waters, and moved to the intertidal zone during high tide where
they appear to find feeding opportunities. This information is believed to
be of high value in understanding this population's ecological needs, and
essential when aiming to improve marine conservation efforts at times of
increased anthropogenic pressures in the area.

This paper can be downloaded from

Alternatively, an electronic copy can be requested on this email:
elsvermeulen5 at gmail.com

Kind regards,

Els Vermeulen, PhD
Research Manager and Post-doctoral research fellow
Mammal research institute Whale Unit
Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Co-director Sea Search - www.seasearch.co.za

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