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Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is Cambodia's longest running volunteer
marine conservation organisation, pioneering and leading ocean conservation
in Cambodia. MCC have new internship positions available on cetacean

The Cambodia Dolphin Project was established for the purpose of
contributing to  scientific knowledge on cetaceans for the conservation and
sustainable management of marine biodiversity. Despite high cetacean
biodiversity in the region,  no long-term studies have taken place here.
Therefore, the project aims to fulfill the gaps of missing long-term
studies by collecting data on cetacean abundance, distribution and
residency patterns in order to delineate critical habitats within
Cambodia’s Kep Archipelago.   The project provides an excellent opportunity
for post-grads, students and individuals interested in gaining more
experience and knowledge in the field of cetacean research.

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and hard-working individuals to
join our team. The minimum commitment is one month, although for a fuller
experience we recommend two or more. A biology background is not mandatory
but advantageous, as well as an ability to dedicate yourselves to the
study. We will be in the field early in the morning or late into the
evening, boat trips can be day long (12 hours), and there is a large amount
of data to process and enter. A good level of endurance is necessary as
well as the ability to live and work in a multicultural team, living on a
basic camp.

You will learn about different software used in cetacean research, boat and
land survey techniques and photo identification methods amongst other
things. There will also be the opportunity for you to contribute to
publications we might be working on,  get involved in other MCC projects
such as our coral garden or sea horse project and various scientific
outreach events.

This position is unpaid and requires a contribution fee of US$300/week from
the volunteers which covers accommodation, food  and  project related
activities.  MCC does not take any profits from this sum, with all money
being fed directly back into the project. We have positions available year
round and for people staying longer than 3 months there is a discounted
price available.

To apply please send a cover letter and CV to sarahtubbs123 at gmail.com
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